Interference Journal #5: Writing About and Through Sound


The fifth issue of Interference journal is now available at their website, featuring eight articles focused on methodology around sound studies, mainly the ways of “writing about and through sound” and exploring it through trans-disciplinary approaches, both on the theoretically and pedagogically.

“This issue of Interference asked authors to consider sound as the means to which we can explain the sonic. Contributions to the study of sound, apart from practice-based works, are often disseminated through language and text. This is the case for most analysis or research into sensory based and phenomenological studies. There is of course a strong case to be made for text; it is the universal way in which contemporary knowledge is transmitted. But perhaps there is an argument to be made for new ways to not only explore sound but to disseminate ideas around the sonic. For example, in what way can ‘sonic papers’ represent ideas about the experience of space and place, local and community knowledge? How can emerging technologies engage with both the everyday soundscape and how we ‘curate this experience’? What is the potential of listening methods as a tool to engage community with ‘soundscape preservation’ and as a tool to critique and challenge urban planning projects?”


Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.