Listening and Polyphony – Philosophy, Aesthetics, Art

The Polish Journal of Aesthetics has published a new issue dedicated to “Listening and Polyphony. Philosophy, Aesthetics, Art”, with 186 pages and contributions of 15 authors.

“Listening and Polyphony: Philosophy, Aesthetics, Arts,” a special issue of The Polish Journal of Aesthetics, focuses on questions of listening and polyphony as unifying concepts to discover overlapping horizons between philosophical insights and aesthetical experience. Listening could be studied as an openness to others, a gesture, and an activity. With the mutual coexistence of one’s own and surrounding environments, polyphony provides new opportunities for transdisciplinarity, starting in philosophy, expanding through aesthetics and the arts, and insinuating into ethics, anthropology, and sociality.

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Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.