Empty Cities

Vacuamoenia has a new project called Empty Cities, dedicated to explore urban sound during quarantine:

Following government directives and to counter the spread of Coronavirus in Italy, each of us has made a commitment not to leave the house and to limit travel as much as possible, in a sort of centripetal abandonment of the places where it is no longer the going away that characterizes desertification but the staying.

As for the abandoned landscape, the result according to the senses is the same. Excluding a few centralizers – once again centripetal attractors – such as supermarkets and pharmacies, the rest is visibly emptied, acoustically silent. Those who listen to the city no longer have the fixed points that characterize the life before the quarantine, which creates anxiety – but sometimes even surprise, as a sort of epiphany – and it is perhaps no coincidence that the sound that spreads from the balconies through a hymn or applause, it has become a means of reaction to the imposed condition, the “signal” of the times that are running.

VacuaMoenia, aware of this indefinite and transitional acoustic condition, proposes, as a continuation of the Metascape project, “Empty Cities” a direct streaming in which anyone with a microphone and a recorder can participate. You will have your own online space in which to transmit what is happening at the moment it is happening, so as to create an expanded sound day in multiple parts of the world.

We transform what has reduced us into a few meters of home into something that thanks to streaming and the internet can be extended to the entire planet.

More info and listen at Vacuamoenia