Reflections on Process in Sound, Issue #3


Reflections on Process in Sound is a free online journal by Iris Garrelfs. It focuses on sound related activities but also branches out into adjacent territories with the aim to provide a forum where artists can engage in discussions about how they create the work they do, what their practices are influenced by and how their ideas manifest themselves within the final artwork. In short, it puts the spotlight onto process in sound arts practice, from the practitioner’s point of view. You can download a pdf file or read it online via the respective issue pages.

In this issue, Viv Corringham gives an account of how her ongoing series Shadow-walks came about, as an amalgam of singing and walking, followed by jez riley french considering three specific trips he took this year to record telefericas, geological dissolves and other fascinations in Italy and Iceland.

Felicity Ford explores how wool and sound come together for her in her project KNITSONIK, with some excursions into feminist concerns, whilst Michelle Lewis-King explains how and why her Pulse Project blends acupuncture with sound.

Last but not least, Jo Hyde, who’s Seeing Sound symposium at Bath Spa University has been very inspiring over the last few years, is considering his take on visual music – how sound and vision connect for him, and Rob MacKay discusses the parameters of the world’s first concert for artificial and human voices in January 2013.

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