Recording of the Week: Senegal Doves by Tim Prebble

It’s friday! You know what that means? Another recording of the week installment! This time we have a beautiful recording from Tim Prebble (professional site, blog, SFX, IMDB), a sound designer and recordist based on New Zealand.

This week he posted a recording session to SoundCloud, held at the Auckland Zoo for a film called Love Birds, directed by Paul Murphy.

Having spent many hours at the Auckland zoo this week recording ambiences I now have a compulsion to emulate exotic birds on my modular synth, especially these senegal doves – I love the intervals & tonality of their song.

We talked with Tim about these recordings and he told us some interesting things:

I was totally transfixed by the musical intervals & tonality of the Senegal doves song – you can see the distinct notes and pitch envelopes of a phrase in the this spectrum analysis.

Click on the image for detailed view

The subtle downwards pitch bend at the end of each note is clearly visible & adds to the plaintive effect of the bird call. I did some note analysis & these Senegal Doves song alternates between F5 and G5.

Click on the image for detailed view

For this recording, Tim used a Sanken CSS5 microphone into a Sound Devices 722 recorder.

Recording of the Week is a series of posts dedicated to feature a sound recording published in the community during each week, in order to promote different kinds of recordists over the web.