Open Call: Speed of Sound, by VacuaMœnia


Following the ideas of “Handbook for Acoustic Ecology” by Barry Truax, VacuaMœnia proposes an OpenCall for sound-artist, musicians or simple aware listeners to celebrate two years of researches and activities.

The topic chosen investigates on “the propagation of sound” in a landscape, defined by Truax like Geometric Spreading, Atmospheric Effects and Surface Effects. Thus, the topographical elements – such as soil, hills and other obstacles – between source and receiver alter and shape the sound message.

The OpenCall “SPEED OF SOUND” invites to reflect about the various aspects that make up the landscape, on the modifications, on the alterations and how biophonies, geophonies and antrophonies intersect each other to completing the acoustic environment.

In order to participate, please follow the guidelines from the official site. Deadline is March 14th, 2015 on 6pm

More info at VacuaMœnia

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.