The Sounds of Nature

Colin Hunter shares on his blog a really cool article called “The Sounds of Nature”, published on TVB Europe magazine on Sept 2007. It’s a two part article about recording and editing sounds of nature environments for different BBC’s documentaries, such as “Planet Earth”, “Blue Planet”, etc.

So yesterday I was having a look at Social Sound Design and an old question about the sound on nature documentaries had been re-answered. It got me thinking about a great article I had read somewhere about this exact subject. The problem was, I couldn’t remember where I had read it! So I started meticulously googlingsound in nature documentaries but, no luck. Then, as the brain-cogs slowly started to work, I remembered that the article in question featured a studio based in Bristol, situated close to the BBC HQ. So my search took a turn in that direction and finally I found the post production company, Wounded Buffalo. With the right name of the studio, I quickly found the article that was originally taken from Sept 2007 edition of TVB Europe magazine, but was featured on Neal Romanek’s blog. So, here it is. It’s a great read and comes in two parts.

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