New Version of PaulXStretch, A Sonic Algorithm for Transcending Time

Sonosaurus is releasing a new version of PaulXStretch, the amazing time-stretching app for audio processing, based on the popular PaulStretch algorithm, the one that went viral some time ago with the 800% slower version of the song U Smile by Justin Bieber and has became an invaluable generator of ambient , drone and lush atmospheres since then, invading YouTube with slowed down versions of any tune you can imagine.

The software goes beyond the meme though, being a magnificent tool for sonic experiments on iOS, Linux, Mac and Windows, for free; featuring the extreme pitch-shifting/time-stretching algorithm that made it famous, as well as many more processing features such as filters, frequency shifters, harmonics procesing, compressor, and more. It’s not meant for subtle alterations but the complete opposite: complete sonic mangling madness, perfect for any sound design and compositional tasks. Just drop an audio file into it or load it as a plugin in your DAW and be ready to transcend time and space.

PaulXStretch can be downloaded for free at Sonosaurus and works both as standalone app or VST/AU/AAX plugin. The GPLv3 source code is also available on Github.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.