taylor deupree – lost & compiled

12k2030miniWe could say Deupree’s work is delicate, soft, intimate and peaceful, but his sonic textures are so rich and diverse that any kind of category doesn’t truly apply. It’s just sound, (im)perfectly chosen sound, something evident in his latest album “Lost & compiled“, where he tried something different from previous releases by publishing sound pieces in states that could be judged as rough or incomplete but in this case get new values and become completed on its own. It remembers me about the Japanese concept of kintsukoroi, but in this case the break plate is a lost stage of compositions, and the gold that glues the pieces is the act of compiling. An aesthetic decision that fits perfectly with what’s listened in the whole album, highlighting a tribute to impermanence, an invitation to the beauty of what’s supposed to be imperfect; wabi-sabi at the sonic microcosmos, a cult of audible fragility; listening as an art of leaving yourself in sound.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.