suisen – just below the surface

a3156205682_10Suisen is darren mcclure + tomotsugu nakamura, a duo from japan who recently released their first album, “just below the surface”, a work that engages the ears to a meaningful sonic place. From a fine mix of a wide gallery of sounds, they reach points betwen emotive and abstract realities, letting melodies to flow along with organic textures and delicate harmonics. Synthetic landscapes and ethereal fluids perfectly merged with found objects and rare microsounds that led together a translucent territory driven by innocence, where listening becomes an exploration of unknown zones forged by the movement of tonal atmospheres, random events, and intense clouds able to break time scales in order to accomplish cheerful, magical and immersive portals, making the work speak by creating its own emotions, as if the album was a machine of exotic feelings, an ode to an ineffable nature of music. (white paddy mountain)