Sound Studies Symposium: New Approaches to Listening


Listening is a core issue of sound studies. The plasticity of listening situations, listening practices and listening discourses has recurrently been discussed in this interdisciplinary research field. On thursday November 19, 2015 we explore in a one day symposion at the University of Copenhagen current approaches intending to reconceptualize listening in order to integrate its genuinely dynamic and mingled character.

We invited three influential scholars from France, Germany and the UK to discuss with us contemporary approaches to listening and to present their individual takes on this sensory practice: Anahid Kassabian (Liverpool/UK), Philippe LeGuern (Nantes/FR) and Rolf Großmann (Lüneburg/DE). This is the first of a series of symposions the new Forskningsgrupper Sound & Senses at the University of Copenhagen will be inviting to each semester. A Colloquium of the research group, held biweekly, will be preparing selected materials for this symposion in the week before, on november 12: all scholars and students are welcome to join this colloquium as well.

More info at Sound Studies Lab