Sound Maps For The Dreamer II – Open Call

Sonospace is doing an open call for a second release of “sound maps for the dreamer” series.

“Maps have always been a fascinating way to pass the time as well as a useful tool for navigating a territory. The digital age gave us even more chance to easily locate specific locations or simply to drift off into the exact details of our planet.

For a long time now we have had sound maps which use the framework digital maps provide to tag field recordings to their exact Geo-location. At Sonospace we are taking a different approach. We are looking backwards to the paper maps of long ago. We are linking sounds and compositions from non-related audio recordings to these maps. Re-imagining the world in an artistic and completely fictional way.

So, following the launch of Sonospace Maps at the beginning of 2017 we are now ready to accept submissions for participation.  Come with us to map the world with our heart and paint a sonic vision of places we may never visit.”

Guidelines at Sonospace

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.