sakana hosomi + chihei hatakeyama – frozen silence


Sonic worlds establish border relationships within the listener, in which the ears reveal its own limits but also its own possibilities, pointing to the similarity between the sound of reality and the reality of sound. Such phenomenon, makes possible to freeze our regular time and enter to a new one with its own acousmatic matrix, as occurs in Frozen Silence, amazing collaboration between two artists that converge in sonic fluids merged into extensive clouds in which a myriad of grains build atmospheres of redemption, de-clamping, a sense of non-separation with sound where an accurate meditation over the figures of time occurs, a calm and quiet experience that subtly exposes variation and movement in a sublime listening experience not only in terms of the sound spaces built for the listener, but also the silent worlds the listener is able to recognize when traveling around these invisible but sonic landscapes. (white paddy mountain)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.