pjusk – solstøv

12k1081…And the sound got vanished and frozen, went back and forth. Detention: where is the sound? There’s an activity around nowhere, like one finding listening in a remote cave of shimmering structures where time is dilated, dissolved and redefined. Solstøv is a new album by Pjusk that challenges what we have heard before, creating a truly masterpiece of cloudy atmospheres where, grain by grain, a symphony of solitude is constructed to deliver a unique listening encounter where the ear is able to travel between time scales, between both sinister and quiet environments; spheres of delusion and stability, all deeply marked with a sense of magnitude and resonance. Magical reverberation, trumpets orbiting the spheres of the self, voices traveling across the aether and microsonic villages, floating as cosmic detritus colliding all over the place. A work that never ends, as the infinite shinning of an antarctic moon. (12k)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.