iZotope Announces RX 2

iZotope has announced the release of the second version of its audio repair suite, RX, introducing amazing new features and improvements that demonstrate why is one of the best software solutions for noise reduction tasks today.

New Features in RX Standard

  • New Denoiser Algorithms – New Global Smoothing control reduces the distracting, watery artifacts introduced by most denoiser algorithms and a high-frequency enhancement avoids the dullness commonly associated with noise suppression.
  • Improved Declick & New Decrackle – Declick features improved click detection and new Decrackle algorithm designed to treat continuous background crackle from vinyl and older media.
  • Freehand Selection & Magic Wand – New Lasso, Brush and Magic Wand tools allow natural, freehand selections of problem sounds. Additionally, the Magic Wand can automatically select a sound and its harmonics for incredibly fast editing.
  • Improved Batch Processing – Updated batch processor streamlines your workflow by letting you chain multiple modules, process multiple files and use multiple CPUs.
  • Intelligent Hum Module – Automatically identify the base frequency of hum for precise removal. The module will even recommend when the Denoiser should be used to more effectively treat certain kinds of hum.
  • Session Support – Your edit history is automatically saved when you quit and reloaded when you restart. The entire state of the program including your selection is saved. This new feature also works in the event of a computer crash or power outage, so you can get back up and running immediately.
  • Channel and Phase Operations – New Channel Ops module features left/right channel mixing and arbitrary phase rotation operations, both of which are crucial when restoring audio transferred from tape.
  • Pre-roll and Post-roll Support – Customize the amount of audio played before and after an edit for context when previewing edits.
  • Fade Support – The Gain module now includes support for fades with several fade types.

New Features in RX Advanced

  • Adaptive Denoiser Mode – Denoise now features an adaptive mode to automatically adapt to a changing noise profile, especially important for video-post and others who deal with dynamic background noise.
  • Deconstruct – This new class of audio manipulation tool intelligently separates audio into tonal and noisy components allowing independent control over each.
  • 3rd Party Plug-in Support – Host your DirectX, Audio Unit and VST plug-ins inside of RX taking advantage of RX’s spectral selection to process only parts of an audio file. Also, extremely useful when using the Batch Processor and Compare features.
  • iZotope Radius – Radius® is iZotope’s world class time-stretching and pitch-shifting algorithm. Change the tempo without affecting the pitch or tone of the performance. Instrument attacks, percussive hits, and the sound stage remain untouched, even at extreme stretches.
  • Export History as XML – Save a time-stamped history documenting all processing and edits made to a file from the time it was opened. This feature is invaluable for archiving and forensic work.
  • Azimuth Alignment – Both automatic and manual azimuth alignment are available for correcting misaligned tape heads in tape restoration.

RX 2 is available now from iZotope at $249 (Standard) and $749 (Advanced) until October 31th. There’s a limited-time upgrade pricing to go from standard RX to RX 2 Advanced for $499. RX works on Mac and PC in standalone mode and also as individual plugins (VST, AU, RTAS, AudioSuite, MAS, DX)