Sounds of Dead Hard Drives

A hard drive recovery service called Datacent has recently uploaded several recordings of different drives making lots of different sounds. There’s a wide variety of drives and different sounds, rhythms, and amazing noises.

These are some typical sounds we hear in our data recovery lab. If your hard drive makes noises like these and you are still able to access your files – backup immediately. If your drive can no longer be seen in your system please fill out our simple evaluation form to get a fast quote on our data recovery services.

To listen to the sound simply click on the play button. Click on the drive manufacturer next to the sound button to learn more about common problems these drives experience.

Datacent – Failing Hard Drive Sounds (Via Boing BoingWaveformless)

This remind me about a very cool video, by Josh Kay.

Check more of his sounds here. His music work as Jeswa/Phoenecia is also recommended for those who like delicate and noisy IDM.

Miguel Isaza M

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