iZotope Releases RX4


iZotope has released the fourth version of the RX suite.

New features in RX4:

  • Clip Gain: Adjust and balance the volume of vocals and instruments with this non-destructive editing feature.
  • Dialogue Denoiser: Reduce distracting background noise from dialogue and vocals in real time (now a standard feature with both RX 4 and RX 4 Advanced).
  • RX Connect: Streamline the editing process with a round-trip workflow compatible with industry-standard hosts.

RX 4 Advanced:

  • Leveler: Automatically balance the volume of a mix.
  • Ambience Match: Match the environment noise or room tone of two different audio recordings.
  • EQ Match: Ensure a consistent-sounding mix by matching multiple recordings with varying sonic profiles.
  • Loudness: Process whole program mixes or segments to comply with international industry standards and network-specific guidelines.

More info at iZotope

(via Synthtopia)

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