Field Recording Workshop: Live!iXem 2010 in Milan, Italy

My friend Matteo Milani from USO Project, has sent me some info about an upcoming field recording workshop to be held on Milan, Italy in October. Here is the press information:

Live!iXem 2010 – Edition VII
International festival of music, mixed media and experimental electronic art


  • Explore through the knowledge of digital recording techniques the universe sound belonging to the “places.”
  • Discuss some aspects of the use of specific material in electronic and instrumental composition.
  • Localization of sound in the environment focuses on the theme “sound mapping” as a social and cultural identity and, at the same time, an expression of conscience and personal feelings, whereas its use in music opens important interdisciplinary horizons.

The workshop’s aim is to provide an introduction to theory and practice of the main mobile sound recording techniques and the use of sound sources in different fields, from sound design to cinema, from digital editing to the use of digital sources in instrumental composition, electronic music and live electronics. Music compositions and musical excerpts from field recordings will also be introduced, listened and discussed. All members are invited to participate in the soundwalk along the neighborhood “Isola” in Milan and thus contribute during the workshop to the creation of a small sound map of the place. The pieces obtained at the end of the workshop will be diffused through a multi-channel audio speakers setup and then available to the public in the form of soundscape composition.

Speakers: Alessandro Massobrio, Fabio Orsi
Curated by Matteo Milani, Federico Placidi (U.S.O. Project) and Domenico Sciajno

You can learn more about the speakers, lecturers, organizers, and program schedule on the U.S.O Project blog.