Field Recording Resources, Selected by The Wire

The Wire has published a very cool selection of resources for field recording, including fantastic books and online resources. They’re also announcing an interesting event:

The Spanish sound artist Francisco Lopez has talked about the potential of field recordings to produce “acousmatic broadband sound environments of thrilling complexity.” Following on from September’s edition of The Wire Salon, which looked at the rise of sound art, this month’s salon examines a parallel phenomenon of 21st century sound – the emergence of environmental field recordists as sonic artists in their own right.

A panel including the sound and field recordists Peter CusackLee Patterson and Justin Bennett will discuss the philosophies and processes of contemporary phonography, its relationship to the parallel disciplines of acoustic ecology, bioacoustics, cybernetics, ethnomusicology, urban soundscaping and audio mapping, and the way these and other related investigations at the occult fringes of environmental audio science have infiltrated and influenced much experimental music practice. The discussion will be illustrated by audio examples of the modern field recordist’s art. Plus other participants to be announced. London Cafe Oto, 7 October, 8pm, £4.

More info is available over at The Wire. (via @timprebble)