Sonic Terrain’s Bookshelf: +200 Books on Sound

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As researchers, artists, institutions and individuals in general get more interested on sound studies and practices in its plurality of fields and perspectives, it becomes important to find ways of not only inter-connecting our ideas and processes but also to organizing them, to find a place for them in our ephemeral, information-maniac age. If there’s an intention behind Sonic Terrain, it would be definitely that one, to give place to ideas and their connections, exploring what happens when sound communities interact, virtually, physically, sonically.

Two months ago, Sonic Terrain became 5 years old. It is wonderful to realize what we have built together; lots of sounds, lots of articles, lots of lives mutating and creating new processes. This idea, which started focused on field recording and the sonic environment, has been enriched and expanded over the years as new people share, create and connect with this community; it is amazing how we all can contribute to this culture of listening and sound. So, even when two months have passed, I want to thank you all of you who have contributed to this and celebrate together with two new things: first, a newly customized design with an optimized post hierarchy and better structured, and second, a bookshelf.

Some months ago I had the idea of finding a way to index and organize the impressive amount of books we have towards sound, but WordPress system in which this site is based, wasn’t enough for my idea. That was until I found the amazing otlet’s shelf tumblr theme which allowed a fast indexing process and a lot of customization. I was able to come with a nicer and fluid bookshelf, which I’m happy to finally make it public, starting with over 200 indexed books, covering several fields around the study and practice of sound. I hope you enjoy it, also don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a problem with the site or there’s a book you would like to see in there.

Sonic Terrain Bookshelf

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.