Call for Recordings – World Listening Day 2014

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Yes, almost a year has already passed since our last call for recordings, during the World Listening Day 2013. This time there will be more time for you to record and send something for a collective release.

As the previous years, WLD will be celebrated on the week of July 18th and this year Sonic Terrain is receiving works again, aiming to build a new compilation, hopefully as successful as the previous one, which received a wonderful response: recordings from 25 different countries and over 300 minutes of field recordings.

In order to participate, please follow the following guidelines:

  • Send a download link (no e-mail attachments, please) of a WAV file (ideal quality: 48k, 24-bit) over wetransfer, dropbox, googledrive or similar services
  • Attach a text with 1) your name, link (of your website, blog, soundcloud, etc), 2) the name of the piece, 3) your country and any 4) notes/comments about the recordings
  • Send the message to miguel@designingsound.org with the topic “World Listening Day 2014”
  • Both raw field recordings and compositions (basic editing/eq) are accepted (please specify the type of yours when sending it)
  • Only one submission per person will be accepted; duration: 15 minute max.
  • If you have photos from the recorded places, feel free to attach them and let me know if could be used for the compilation’s artwork
  • The material you send shouldn’t be already published in a label or any kind of publication and should be allowed to be published in this site under Creative Commons license
  • Deadline is 14th July extended to 16th July closed

There are no limitations for topics, but keep in mind that only field recordings are admitted (environmental sounds, found sounds, out-of-the-studio stuff, both nature and urban). Both raw field recordings and compositions are allowed, from any kind of environment or situation. And if you need some inspiration, try to answer the questions leaved by the World Listening Project for this year.

More info: World Listening Day 2014.

Listen to our World Listening Day 2013 compilation


Miguel Isaza M

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