Welcome to Sonic Terrain

Welcome to Sonic Terrain, your source for sounds in the field! Today we are very glad to start with this adventure and we hope you like it as we do. There’s no other reason for this rather than the community and the passion for recording sounds from the world.What is Sonic Terrain?

In the last few years, social media and blogs have changed the way we interact and learn from other people over the world. This has been especially true in the world of professional sound and audio production/post-production, where a recent proliferation of blogs, websites, and online communities have allowed both emerging talent and established professionals to interact, share, and collaborate with one another.

Sonic Terrain will be a portal for the art, science, and craft of field recording. It will aggregate information and publish exclusive content focused on sounds recorded outside the studio. Topics will be cross-disciplinary and focused on the use of field recordings in a variety of contexts, including sound design for visual media, music, fine art, scientific research, phonography, and much more.

Mission Statement

This site will encourage users to not just hear the world around them, but to listen to it, record it, and reflect upon it. It will serve as a media outlet and educational resource for field recordists and anyone interested in the sound of the world around them: laypeople, sound designers, sound mixers, multi-media artists, musicians, scientists, researchers, acoustic ecology conservationists, and more. These disciplines will be united and cross-pollinated to expose all users to aspects of sound and recording they may not have considered.

What’s Inside?

Here you will find a lot of things, Including interviews with all kind of sound recordists, sound designers, musicians, researchers, sound artists, stories from recordists in the field, tips, tutorials and guides given by sound pros, challenges and homework, news about gear, accessories for recordists, workshops, events, and more.


So, thanks for visiting us. We hope to keep you abreast with the latest and the best information. Enjoy this new sonic adventure!

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Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.