CALL FOR WORK: Wayback Sound Machine, a constellation of sounding time


Wayback Sound Machine: a constellation of sounding time, is an ongoing series that will be published right here on Sonic Field throughout 2018.


series abstract: What can we gather from sounding the past? And with that in mind, what is the relationship between soundscape and sound design?


If the study of acoustics is about sound in relation to space, and the study of sound ethnographies and ecologies is in relation to place, and the study of sound in affect and phenomenology adds time, a soundscape ecophilosophy in relation to sound design can interconnect the whole, the rhizome.

This series will publish and share various artistic forms and text of/on sound from the past, and designing and composing sound for the past, to consider what knowledge and applications can be gained from the concept, particularly within a culture and cultural history in which the visual is predominant within a segregated sensory hierarchy in mediating our perception of the world around us. This series proposes that the relationship between our soundscape and sound design can give key information about how we listen, what we listen for, and what that can tell us. The series will show that this information holds benefits and contributions towards many disciplines‑including art and cinema, archive studies, ethnography, and ecology‑and will investigate through artwork, sound art, cinema, sound maps, practice-based research, case studies, philosophical inquiry, and mapping a new path in sound studies connecting soundscape ecology, sound ethnography, sound art and design, and aural culture.

Artists and sound designers working with and considering sound from the past can create sonic compositions and databases that could help us to remember and feel our heritage. A fluid museum and living archive to give voice to the past and the present, while creating new experience and highlighting information within the complexity of our changing soundscapes, over a period that usually defies our comprehension. We need to sense the world, and we can enjoy sensing the world. Remembering that we aren’t limited to just knowing our place in it, but can feel our place in it, allows for a transference and embodiment of information that goes further, goes deeper, creates care and extension of thought beyond our perception of present. Creates empathy, expands, and vibrates the interior and exteriorA vibration that affects, and a vibration that joins.

This is a call for a series of publications under this theme and the title, Wayback Sound Machine: a constellation of sounding time. The call and series will be ongoing through 2018, and will begin in the new year. Please feel free to send any inquires and submissions to:maile@sonicfield.org

Maile Colbert

Sound artist and designer, intermedia artist and filmmaker, teacher and researcher