Video documentation of Salomé Voegelin and Brandon LaBelle @ FASE Sound Art Festival

Spanish Sound Art Festival FASE 6 has uploaded some videos with full performances/lectures by Salomé Voegelin and Brandon LaBelle, plus a dialog on “aurality and environment” with both artists.

Aurality and Environment: A dialog with Salome Voegelin, Brandon LaBelle and Alex Arteaga

“How do aurality and environment relate to one another? What are the possible interconnections between our aural practices, our auditory being-in-the-world and these worlds-around, these Um-welten? This event addresses manifest and potential correspondences between varieties of hearing, listening, sound organization and sonic interventions and the emergence of milieus from the perspectives developed by the artist-researchers Salomé Voegelin and Brandon LaBelle in dialog with Alex Arteaga.”