various artists – [Q04]

Q04-CoverThe science of aesthetics or the aesthetics of science? In the [Q04] of the Quark series by F901, the question persists: “how does the invisible sound?”, and the answer keeps expanded in a new magnificent minuscule exploration by four brilliant artists who develop a variety of compositions based in a custom designed software called Cconfin, inspired by Color Confinement theory of particle physics. Nicolas Bernier, Fabio Perletta, TeZ and mimosa moize get in charge of navigating the poetics of quantum, developing a journey trough a universe created in a merge of what’s palpable and what’s imperceptible; territories where sounds, as atoms, create realities based on a diverse gallery of finely defined sonic networks, a granular wonderland where is not easy to conceptually find what’s living in the listening space, yet it’s possible to find sonically present but unseen entities.