Underwater Surround: Canon Crackers of the Pistol Shrimp

Canon Crackers of the pistol shrimp from Ambient Recording on Vimeo.

Is the underwater world a silent world? No, the depths of the sea are as full of exciting sounds and voices as any other habitat rich with species. However, humans can’t perceive these sounds under normal circumstances, and so this world has been hidden from us so far.

During the twelve days of filming around the Caribbean island of Bonaire for the documentary “The cannon crackers of the pistol shrimp”, for the first time a microphone technology was used, that was previously only available to researchers and allows the recording of sounds of the underwater world not only true-to-life, but also in surround quality.

surround_underwaterMore info on the equipment being used in the video: Ambient Recording  / Sound Devices / Expedition diary

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.