Translating Ambience

Translating Ambiance is an exhibition that emerges from an Australian Research Council grant (DECRA) awarded to Jordan Lacey entitled Translating Ambiance: restorative sound design for urban soundscapes (2019 – 21). The research aims to discover a methodology for translating the ambiance of natural places into urban places for the creation of restorative sites in large, densely populated cities. In addition to Lacey’s contribution, eleven sound artists have been invited to create works that respond to the themes of translation, embodiment and ambiance, in relation to their own field-recording and listening practices.

You can find more info on the project’s website, including a video waltrhough, a curatorial text by Jordan Lacey and info on the works exhibited and their artists, including Salomé Voegelin and Lisa Hall, Martin Kay, Byron Dean and Polly Stanton, Catherine Clover, Camilla Hannan, Jordan Lacey and remi freer, Michael Graeve, Andrew Goodman, and Bruce Mowson.

“This exhibition asks: is it possible to translate ambiance between environments, and what are the embodied processes employed during acts of translation? Translated ambiance considers the body and its situatedness, as a site of perceptual difference entwined within an immediate spatial encounter. Each artist has been asked to create a work that considers their own experiences and perceptions while engaged in the process of translating phenomena between environments, using methods and tools particular to their practices.” ─ Jordan Lacey

Via Sound Art Text

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.