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The otherwise heard, that I become, by Brandon LaBelle

Vía Swamp Pavilion:

Experiences of listening may be understood to weaken us, making us vulnerable to the intensities of worldly contact and each other. Reflecting upon particular modes of listening, from the empathic to the migratory, understandings of sharing and togetherness will be drawn out, leading to a consideration of what we might call an acoustics of interruption. Accordingly, listening is posed as a framework through which formations of social solidarity and self-organization may be generated, where material and immaterial, real and imaginary forces are equally demanded.

Brandon LaBelle is an artist, writer, and theorist working with sound culture, voice, and questions of agency. He develops and presents artistic projects and performances within a range of international contexts, often working collaboratively and in public.

This lecture is a part of Lithuanian pavilion at Venice Architecture Biennale 2018


Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.