Stephen Vitiello – Listening with Intent

I came across this post of Earth | Ear with an inspiring (30min long) video about the work of sound artist and musician Stephen Vitiello and his sound installation “The Sound of Red Earth“.

Installed in the historic former Brickworks at Sydney Park for Project 20, Stephen Vitiello’s major new multi-channel sound installation, The Sound of Red Earth, was the result of extensive recordings captured by the artist throughout the Kimberley region in Western Australia. The works were mixed from recordings of dust-filled winds, the roar of waterfalls, the rush of tidal flows and the sounds of native wildlife, reflections on the different locations Vitiello visited on his field trips to the region. Resonating with sound and light, the old brick-making kilns were transformed into three immersive environments, evoking the remote Australian landscape.

Bonus: Symbiosis 69 – Stephen Vitiello

Miguel Isaza M

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