Southscapes/Soundscapes: Other Spaces and Territories of Sound

Italian researcher Leandro Pisano has a new interesting article published at Carma Journal in which he explores alternatives to the traditional notion of soundscape, based on his explorations with artists from the South.

“Interest in sound art has risen in the last few years. Artists, curators and scholars see it as one of contemporary art’s innovative fields of experimentation, study, and research. As an emerging discipline, it falls into a category generated by a series of knowledge paradigms related to the cultural tradition of Western Europe and of the Anglosphere.

Nevertheless, the theme of alterity in non-Western sonic arts, in the framework of the para-musical discourses built in the West in recent decades, has been the recent focus of certain reflections developed by artists, curators, and scholars who –inspired by a Postcolonial or Decolonial approach– raise questions regarding the application of the sound art category to a series of practices and works framed in non-European and non-North American contexts (Pisano, 2007, p. 39).”

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