Sonic Terrain World Listening Day 2013 Compilation


First of all, so many thanks to all who sent their amazing recordings and texts. I’m very impressed by the incredible response to this compilation, the amount of material and the wide variety of places and perspectives one can find in the recordings. We have created a very huge release which connects many listening points of the world and builds an ocean of amazing experiences. THANK YOU!

I think this is a really great way of contributing to the amazing work the World Soundscape Project has been doing and hope these sounds can let you open your sonic consciousness. It’s fantastic to end with a compilation of over 300 minutes of works actually recorded in lots of different places of the world, all kind of languages, cultures, spaces, species, experiences, mixtures, emotions, forms, silences, sounds. Rivers, forests, underwater paradises, religious chanting, machines, protests, cities, conversations, music, markets, childrens, workers, animals, trains, cars, sonic walks, sports, huge spaces, a volcano, a sea, a natural park, a subway, at night, summer, spring, almost anything you think of. We’re not only showcasing the power and wide variety of things we can listen but also creating a very unique release based on building a cybernetic soundscape from a collaboration of over thirty contributors from all sides of the Earth, united with just one goal: creating a collective experience of listening to the world.

Turkey, Austria, Portugal, Guyana, Spain, China, Ecuador, Ireland, USA, Japan, Venezuela, Macedonia, Mexico, England, Colombia, Rwanda, Croatia, Thailand, Canada, Dubai, Canary Islands, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Poland, Australia. Sound designers, acoustic ecologists, sound artists, phonographers, radio artists, musicians, composers, researchers, scientists, LISTENERS.

We all know that attentive, deep, subtle, contemplative, active (or activist ;)) listening is an essential key to build a better world and expand the way we interact with it; and collective awareness of listening is really the most powerful way for accelerating that process. Field recording is progressively becoming a more interesting and important practice for many people, since it not only has fascinating uses for art, design or research but also in our way of living, experimenting reality and understanding our own self and our relationship with our environment. It’s amazing that we can use the Internet in order to build such amazing sonic places and realities to explore. After listening to all these wonderful recordings and compositions, I completely feel my life being expanded to unseen and unimagined territories. It makes me very glad to be mediator in this amazing journey. Hope you enjoy it as well! (Btw, this call is over, but Sonic Terrain will release more works periodically, you can send your demos whenever you like, more info here)

I’ve grouped this special release into five different albums, classified in different categories inspired by titles and perspectives on “The Soundscape” book by R. Murray Schafer. I didn’t wanted to leave someone out of this release since  I thought everyone should have the opportunity of featuring his/her amazing work (I decided to not include some stuff only with people who sent several pieces). The release ended being huge, with over 5 hours of field recordings enough to show you a nice face of the world in sound. Categories are not very strict but simply a way of organizing the material. You could find elements of one category on another, but each recording is classified by its key elements, what predominates on it. Although I encourage you to also not think to much about the names and categories since they’re just concepts. Try to focus on the sound, that “thing” you can’t catch.

Now let’s start your adventure! You can download all the albums of this release as MP3 or FLAC. All recordings are published under Creative Commons License, from community to community. I also recommend you to download all the releases, play them shuffle and surprise yourself with change.






Contributors: Acoustic MirrorAdrián Gabriel NucciAlan DormerAngela LeyvaArnoud Traa, Artificial Memory Trace, Atilio DoresteAurélie LiermanBalam RonanByron AbadiaChinowski GarachanaConstantine KatsirisDaniel GonzalezDavid EscallonDavid NicholsEnrique MaraverHrishikesh DaniJosé Ricardo DelgadoJuanjo PalaciosJuanjo RipaldaLeah BarclayLuis AnteróMaria Papadomanolaki, Miguel IsazaMise_en_sceneMontserrat RodriguezRichard EignerRick BlythingRubén GarcíaSergio SanchezSerkan SevilgenStephen SaldanhaWit SuksilpchaiWorld ListenerWu TsanchengYan JunYin Yi,  Yiorgis Sakellariou.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.