simon whetham & canned fit – elephant in the salon

Layout 1Simon Whetham and Christine Schörkhuber are apparently two, but here merged as one, detached from individual pursuits and expanded as a fascinating network, manifested not just as a mutual interpretation of sounds, but as a deep and intense dialogue; an exotic conversation where more than relating noises, they relate their listening, their experience across the echoes of time. Although the three compositions expose a wide variety of items, they exhibit a fine selection of forms based on found objects, analog noises, frequency tissues and inter-related atmospheres, all following unusual routes, being acousmatically unwrapped, without source or place, magically present at the interstices of audibility. An album with an exceptional dynamism, capable of expressing the vehemence of sound but also paying tribute to the silent silhouettes that go over listening when the sound has gone forever. (twice removed)