Silence and Forest Sentience in Mustarinda, by John Grzinich

Sound artist John Grzinich has published an interesting article on a recent residency he had at Mustarinda.

“In October-November 2019 I was fortunate to spend a month experiencing the slow transition between late-Autumn and early-Winter in the forests of central Finland in a residency at Mustarinda. There can be many reasons for going to Mustarinda but one of the most significant is to be able to spend time in close proximity to one of the few old growth forests on the European continent (and the world for that matter), the Paljakka strict nature reserve. Another reason is it’s relative isolation, 30 minutes to the nearest town (which is visited roughly once a week) and surrounded by large areas of boreal forest. Both these aspects, combined with the supportive, communal atmosphere of the residency house run by members of the Mustrinda Association, provided fertile ground for my artistic explorations. I also did a good amount of ‘head-cleaning’ trying to catch up on readings and put some of the current turmoil in my mind into words, some of which I’m sharing here…”

Full article at mediateletipos

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