seth cluett – forms of forgetting

line_067_cover-300x300A path with no signals; a gate without sentinel; a faded memory. Time invites the listener to betray reference and invalidate the possibility of departure or arrival. As we hear, we forget, as the composition runs, it becomes the echo of an infrathin substance, unable to be faithful to the cognitive. Seth Cluett pays tribute to such a meeting through the use of elements ranging from static tones to microsonic points and sharp frequency lines intertwined in a delicate model of spatiality and duration. An exercise of impermanence and repetition, an inquiry into certainty directly from the unsteadiness of memory, evident in the way of evolving the piece between subtly added, subtracted, present and dissolved frequencies; thus creating a mesmerizing sonic tissue that seeks to evaporate both the object and the (embodied) subject. The imprint is unavoidable and gets reflected as an arrangement of silent silhouettes in which sound only remains vanished. (LINE)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.