Using Rode Lavaliers for Field Recording

Jez-Riley French recently started a new blog dedicated to test field recording equipment, where he just published some posts with recordings and opinions about the Rode lavalier microphones for field recording.

so, having taken the Rode Lavalier mics to the recent Wildeye field recording course in Norfolk for participants to have a go with – & indeed to use myself – the overall verdict is that they are indeed very impressive. Recordings were made with a pair of the Rode’s, a pair of MM audio BSM9’s & the much more expensive DPA omni’s.

I am a fan of MM mics – for the price (a pair of BSM9’s cost $86 right now) they give amazing results & are handy to have with you at al times or as a spare set (there’s a recording of a wasps nest made with the BSM9’s below) That said the Rode’s have less self noise of course & the bottom end is more evident & tighter.

In direct comparison to the DPA’s I actually think the Rode’s come very close – they have a nice warmth & are perhaps a bit more forgiving – which for someone who likes to place mics in unusual places is a good thing.

More info here. Recordings here.