richard ginns – fall, rise

rise_fallListening is an act of letting go. Sound is vast, an oceanic sense. Recording and composing are sublime arts, as “Fall, Rise” by Richard Ginns perfectly suggests; a work deeply touched by a sense of loneliness and fear but actually filled with an atmosphere of tranquility and peace, an act of serendipity where what is supposed to be hard and sinister, becomes graceful and beautiful. Those adjectives are just poor words, as any other that could be used to describe such detailed and diverse composition, a brilliant album shaped with an exotic sense of timbre and melody, a very unique articulation of synthetic tones, field recordings and mixed processes, microsonically blended in a way in which the arrangement doesn’t appears to be a process of thinking, but a register of the road that is built by walking listening, like an impulse of intuition that makes its way as a universe full of outlandish silhouettes of sound. (twice removed)