jana winderen – out of range

a0544443394_10We walk absent in the perception of forms, unable to place ourselves in a particular point, just wandering across the universes hidden in our silence, fueling an illusion that is both fascinating and mysterious, bold and intriguing: the ears have extremes that limit us while give shape to what we feel and imagine, establishing barriers that operate as an acousmatic and sagacious mold, a field that Jana Winderen exceptionally explores, especially the ultrasonic relationships other species have beyond our hearing distance. Out of Range is an invasion of granular fantasies; a banquet of active listening for tenants of the austere areas of sound and the micro-realms of what is sounding but not being heard; an enthralling exhibition of the countless waves that paint the aether and lurk in the void, never null but so charged of sound that abolish the supposed boundary present between the audible and inaudible. (jana winderen)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.