jack harris & samuel rodgers – primary – unit 11

samThe sonic space is continuously breathing, mutating, running after a sinister trail, like the one with which Jack Harris and Samuel Rodgers improvise, by playing not just with the habitat but with the act of inhabitation itself, through minimal gestures and decisions towards sonic silhouettes responsible of two illusions presented in one single work. The first is Primary, open to the multiple territories that seek to knit it, full of strange movements, unknown objects and fascinating events filtered from an open window. The second piece, Unit 11, goes into remote areas, slipping between quietness and movement, doing a wonderful combination of delicate frequencies, miniature noises and microscopic appearances. Unseen environments in which artist and listener are merged, enthralled, immersed in an inevitable randomness that sets an exquisite order and develops an acceptance of whats going on around, instead of trying to decorate it. (notice recordings)