implosion chamber

High frequency sound waves propagate through a water-filled cylinder, prompting naturally diffused air bubbles to implode. While tracing the motion imparted by sound waves, these implosions are accompanied by shock waves, jet formations, temperatures as high as are found on the Sun, and conjecturably, even quantum tunneling. Implosion Chamber is a new exploration of the multifold phenomenon of acoustic cavitation, which the duo has been pursuing for over a decade since the creation of Camera Lucida: Sonochemical Observatory. 

All acoustic vibrations generate oscillating vacuums. Initially conceived as an environment for visually perceiving sound in three dimensions, Implosion Chamber plunges into the paradoxical origin of all vibrations: the ubiquitous vacuum. The trillion-fold energy density amplification that occurs during acoustic cavitation could only be possible by tapping into the unbridled power of emptiness. What appears to be empty, motionless and infinitesimal, is upon closer inspection an inexhaustible sea of energy.

by portable palace

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.