darius ciuta – zi – um ( r )

ihab095_460Zi – um ( r ) is granular, naturally granular; very tiny, very delicate; a call for attention. It’s a fantastic work by Darius Ciuta who is a specialist on combining little sounds that are processed and arranged in mysterious ways, often based on rare noises captured right from the field, with them obtaining really unique organic materials that are subtle and microsonic on their essence. The work doesn’t comes with any extra notes about the featured material and it’s not really needed because the piece leads directly to a phenomenological experience, an acousmatic quest, really exigent to the ears and apt for challenging the listening activity by the use of few grains and chains of them. A lot of inaudible landscapes aiming to be listened through finely dropped sonic dots that together build a pointillist composition where are possibly not sounds, nor silences; just a trace of the ephemeral; raw, still and direct. (Impulsive Habitat)