Cicadas v1.0, Hacking the Environment with Robotic Insects

Cicadas v1.0 is a sound installation by Bob Meanza.

Cicadas is a sound installation for tiny robotic insects, built with electronic components (relays, piezos, buzzers) and AVR microcontrollers.

A singing insect is shaped by means of a programmed microcontroller (the brain) connected to a vibrating component (which is the sound producing part). A small battery cell and a on-off switch complete the body of the insect, which is soldered and then ready to begin its life in the outer world.

“Building an artificial soundscape” is a video documentation about the firtst breed of Cicadas, caught while busily creating a new, mediterranean soundscape for the Hasenheide Park in Berlin.

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.