Open call for editors at Sonic Field

After a needed hiatus, we are back with clear mind and new ideas for Sonic Field. In the last year so much things have changed so much that the whole concept of the site has evolved in ways we didn’t expect, so it is the right way for us to open the site to more voices, although we already have several contributors. The point is that a network such as Sonic Field has the potential for organically curating information in collectivity, gathering multiple perspectives so we can explore other fields.

So: we are doing a call for editors/contributors, so we can expand our way of sharing the sonic field. If you are interested on collaborating in any way (articles, interviews, reviews, essays, etc), feel free to write to contact@sonicfield.org including your contact info and a brief text on why do you want to write here, what kind of content are you thinking to add and what would be your availability in terms of publication frequency. Nothing too fancy, just your simple motivations/ideas, so we can have an idea of your perspective.

There’s no money involved on this and each person’s involvement depends on each person’s interest. We all have jobs and other responsibilities, and none of us makes money with this site. We just have the common passion of sharing things about sound, so we look for people who resonates with that.

For the time being, we are not setting a deadline for this and we want keep the door open for now, so if you are interested, drop a line 🙂

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.