Audiotalaia Summer Camp: Encounters of Sound and Digital Creativity

audiotalaia summer campAudiotalaia label has announced an interesting workshop conceived as a course collective experience towards sound, technology and creativity. Will take place between 16th to 24th of July of 2016 at La Morera del Montsant, Priorat, Spain and will be directed by sound artist Edu Comelles.

“This Meetings are thought to be a workshop and a residency program happening at the heart of El Priorat shire in Catalonia (Spain), surrounded by nature and a rural landscape.

The stay will take place at the ADDEND compound at La Morera del Montsant, and art-devoted facilities specially designed for long-stay creative frameworks.

Along the ten days of the Meetings, the participants will share, work and dig into the sound art world in a collective and intensive way. The stay wants to become a place for encounter, share and collective creation around sound, landscape and technology.

The primary target of this workshop/residency is to rise and aware- ness about listening our surroundings. Specially the workshop wants to serve as a starting point to introduce one into all the creative possibilities of sound from a wide range of perspectives. From a musical point of view through narrative, composition, documentary, phonography all through the prism of field recordings.

The stay is divided in three stages involving theoretical, practical and creative sessions of work on the area and surroundings. The activities will also include an optional microphone workshop to assemble a small kit of DiY Microphones.

The goal of the stay is to develop a collective framework that will be presented publicly in the shape of sound installations, performances or site-specific actions on the territory developed by the very participants. Through the process the organisation and the participants will mediate and exchange ideas on how to formalise their personal proposals or collective.

Finally this stay provide the opportunity of digging in the world of field recordings and sound art on a privileged natural environment at the Mediterranean coast. The period of work will provide the participants to question their own practice and merge it with a sound perspective that will certainly enrich their performance to all levels.

All theoretical and practical activities will be conducted and tutored by Edu Comelles in close collaboration with the organisation team at ADDEND.”

Full info on seats, cost and more details, at Audiotalaia.