2013 in retrospective THE LISTS (339)


2013: The year in retrospective

Here we will post the lists and short notes that we received from our editors, artists, curators, writers and readers.

Lists as part of longer summaries are post individually.



2013: The year in retrospective -TERJE PAULSEN-

Sound composer

Here’s some listening highlights in 2013 – Albums – In no particular order:

Kiiln – «Is Music Invisible?» – CD – Caduc.
Derek Bailey – «The complete 15th august 2001» – CD – Confront
Inframince (Michael Thieke & Olivier Toulemonde) Immensity (Lucio Capece & Jamie Drouin) – «The Berlin series no.1» – CD – Another Timbre
Andy Graydon – «Unterwegs» – CD – Contour Editions
Duane Pitre – «Bridges» – CD – Important Records
Born Of Six – «Svapiti» – CD – Important Records
Eleh – «For Moussavi Atrium» – CD – Important Records
Richard Chartier & Yann Novak – «Undefined» – CD – Farmacia901
Lethe – «Catastrophe Point #9 & #10» – CD – Oral
Yves De Mey – «Frisson» – CD – Archives Interieures
Yves De Mey – «Metrics» – Flac – Opal Tapes
Simon Whetham – «Hydrostatic» – CD – Aufabwegen
Kassel Jaeger – «Rituel de la Mort du Soleil» – CD – Unfathomless
Tarab – «Strata» – CD – Unfathomless
Frédéric Nogray – «Vaccabons et Malfactours» – Mini CDR – Kaon
ket3m – «syn3rgy» – Mini CDR – Selfreleased
Aaoki Takamasa – «RV8» – CD – Raster-Noton
Diamond Version – «EP 1-5» – CD – P*Dis / Inpartmaint Inc.
Oren Ambarchi – «Sagittarian Domain» – Flac – Editions Mego
Coppice – «Big Wad Excisions» – CD / Flac – Quakebasket Records
Keith Berry – «Towards the Blue Peninsula» – Flac / CD – Infraction Records
Pedro Chambel & Bruno Duplant – «I do not really know what music is, but contrariwise rather well what is a sound» – Flac / Mp3 – Impulsive Habitat
David Vélez – «Isolation Matter» – Flac / Mp3 – Impulsive Habitat
MoE – «Oslo Janus» – Flac / LP – ConradSound
Wire – «Change Becomes Us» – CD / LP – Pinkflag

Listening highlights – 2013 – Live

The Kilowatt Hour – The very debut concert in Kristiansand at Punkt Festival, september.
The Residents – Live at Folken in Stavanger
Mat Pogo & Lasse Marhaug – Live at Høyt & Lavt Festival, Oslo
Vladislav Delay – Live remix of Mauritz Von Oswald – Punkt Festival
Maja Solveig Ratkje – Live at Punkt Festival
Ghédalia Tazartés – Live at MIR, Oslo, august
All the concerts in the TABLEAUX concert-series, at Vaktbua, Kristiansand (arranged by Jon S. Lunde & me).

My biggest Highlight in 2013 was the birth of my second grandson, Odin.



2013: The year in retrospective -FRANCISCO MEIRINO-

Sound composer

Best releases of 2013. (in no special order)

Gerritt Wittmer «Making Real» (misanthropic agenda)
Stephen Cornford «Music For Earbuds» (3leaves)
David Velez « Unseen Terror» (echo music)
Robert Beatty «Soundtracks For Takeshi Murata» (glistening examples)
Toshiya Tsunoda «Grains Of Spring» (edition t.)
Russell Haswell & Yasunao Tone « Convulsive Threshold»
(editions mego)
Sebastiane Hegarty «Eight Studies Of Hearing Loss»
(very quiet recordings)
Kiko C. Esseiva «Résistance A L’Etau» (kukuruku)
Graham Lambkin & Keith Rowe « Making A » (erstwhile)
Okkyung Lee « Ghil » (ideologic organ)
ILIOS «Nedifinebla Esenco » (antifrost)
The re-issue of the « Conet Project 5 cd’s Boxset. » (Irdial Discs)

From late 2012….
François Bayle « 50 ans d’acousmatique » (INA-GRM)

Best Concerts. (in no special order)

Jason Lescalleet
Gerritt Wittmer
Kiko C. Esseiva

Personal life/work highlights. (in no special order)

Playing live on a 14 channels system at the Kontact Sonores Festival in Chalon-Sur-Saone, France.
To compose and play live the soundtrack for Cindy Van Acker’s new dance piece « Helder ».
Performing as a trio with Romain Perrot (Vomir) and Gerritt at « The End Of Tymes festival ».
The release of our second album with Kiko Esseiva , it’s always a pleasure to work with him.
Curating Leif Elggren’s exhibition at standard/deluxe.
Being able to release a lot of my new material on amazing labels, thanks to all of them !
And of course, the birth of my daughter, Norma.

Best sound of 2013.

The «invasion of the body snatchers»‘s scream that my daughter makes when she’s hungry…

Francisco Meirino website



2013: The year in retrospective -RICHARD ALLEN-

Music reviewer, Chief editor of ‘A closer listen’

 Annea Lockwood ~ A Sound Map of the Housatonic River (3leaves)
A quadraphonic installation is now a CD following the river from source to sea.

Cathy Lane ~ The Hebrides Suite (Gruenrekorder)
Interviews and field recordings create an expansive, beguiling soundscape.

Daniel Blinkhorn ~ Terra Incognita (Gruenrekorder)
A wealth of sound, from clocks and toys to ocean creatures and human innards.

David Velez ~ Unseen Terror (Echomusic)
At the end, the installation is smashed ~ a good thing it was recorded!

Jay-Dea Lopez ~ The Great Silence (3leaves)
Did you know that Australia is completely silent?  Early colonialists spread the rumor.

Jeremie Mathes ~ Efequen (Unfathomless)
The plants, bridges and littered debris of a remained Lanzarote. 

Joao Castro Pinto ~ Ars Abscondita (OtO)
Portuguese sound sculpture; the “hidden art” of calliopes, chimes and bowls.

Simon Whetham & Slavek Kwi ~ Exchanges across a dinner table (Tentacles of Perception)
A pair of CD3″s exposes the fine chemistry between these two artists and their work.

Steve Wilkes ~ Hear Cape Cod Volume One (Hear Cape Cod)
Bringing quality field recording to general audiences, along with remixes.

Tarab ~ strata (Unfathomless)
Vacant lots that sound anything but vacant, thanks to a keen listening ear.

A Closer Listen website



2013: The year in retrospective -PATRICK FARMER-

Sound composer, artist and writer
Editor of The Field Reporter

Anton Bruckner‘s 5th Symphony (thanks to Richard Pinnell)

Discovering whilst Walking the coast between Aberystwyth and Ynyslas that the clustered roots of a valerian plant smell exactly the same as the scent a guinea pig emits when marking his territory. And the subsequent realisation that such a stench, to my nose, especially in certain strains of viburnum (which I used to walk past almost every day and gag) is often used to attract and trap flies.

Unexpectedly learning so much about said guinea pigs

Nick Hennies – Flourish (Consumer Waste)
Timothy Morton – Hyperobjects (Minnesota press)
Egrets wandering on the vast dried up bed of the Santa Clara river
Italo Calvino – Collection of sand (Penguin)
Kunsu Shim – Love. Performed by Nick Hennis and Greg Stuart (Senufo Editions)
Michael Pisaro – The middle of life (Gravity Wave)
Faber and Faber’s reissues of Thomas Bernhard making me wish I spoke German all the more
Haptic – Abeyance (Entr’acte)
VA AA LR – it just ain’t flapping (Consumer Waste)
The malting larch trees seen from my window
Stephen Cornford – Music for earbuds (3 Leaves)
Quentin Meillasoux – The number and the siren (Urbanomic)
Walking up to the source of the river severn only to be scuppered by constant circuits of drag racing, which, after much effort, I began to quietly enjoy as an absurd spectacle… Running rings around us in the desolate peat bogs of the Cambrian Mountains. Gravel pouring into the ears instead of the usual crossbills.
Daniel Bennett buying me a copy of Wittgenstein’s Culture and Value without my knowing.
Olivia Block – Karren (Sedimental)
Robert Simpson‘s string quartets (thanks to David Lacey)
Toshiya Tsunoda – O KOKOS TIS ANIXIS (edition.t)

Stephen Cornford, Yann Leguay, and I being shown around the Ornamental gardens of West Dean College by Sarah Hughes. Culminating in a greenhouse full of Mouse Melons, which are native to Mexico, and Gourds so long I could have worn them as trousers.

Patrick Farmer website



2013: The year in retrospective -DAVID VÉLEZ-

Sound composer, artist and writer
Chief Editor of The Field Reporter
Works at Impulsive Habitat


Music for earbuds. STEPHEN CORNFORD (3Leaves)
Blank tape positive. RICHARD GARET (Contour Editions)
The great silence. JAY-DEA LOPEZ (3Leaves)


Big Wad Excisions. COPPICE (Quakerbasket)
Compound form. COPPICE (Triple Bath)
Aral. D’INCISE (Mystery Sea)
Forest solitude. JOHN GRZINICH (Static / Very Quiet)
Quasi static crack propagation. YANN LEGUAY (Consumer Waste)
Untitled #308. FRANCISCO LÓPEZ (Very Quiet)
Oiarzun. JEREMIE MATHES (Taâlem)
An extended meaning for something meaningless.
Offset. PALI MEURSAULT (Doubtful Sounds)
These walls resemble absence. MUFI.RE -Rui Almedia- (3Leaves)
Vaccabons et malfactours. FRÉDÉRIC NOGRAY (Kaon)
Summer afternoon. YIORGIS SAKELLARIU (Static / Very Quiet)
Circle wind. HIROKI SASAJIMA (Felt Collective)
Strata. TARAB -Eamon Sprod- (Unfathomless)
Crackle Party. VA AA LR (Porta)
It just ain’t flapping. VA AA LR (Consumer Waste)
A measure of ground. STEPHEN CORNFORD,
PATRICK FARMER (Consumer Waste)
Framework Seasonal -Issue #5 Summer 2013-.
Edited and compiled by MARK VERNON

David Velez website



2013: The year in retrospective -CÉDRIC PEYRONNET-

Sound composer
Works at Kaon

A difficult year – had to stop playing live (but will change in 2014)
Again & again – Small Cruel Party’s An accident in substance triple CD
Discovered Jay-Dea López incredible work
Great records by Jüppala Kääpiö, Bjarni Gunnarsson, Coppice, Tarab…
Seeing /  hearing Pierre Henry live for the fist time

Cédric Peyronnet website



2013: The year in retrospective -EAMON SPROD / Tarab-

Sound composer


The Decline Effect: JIM HAYNES (Mego Editions)
Strangelands: CAMILLA HANNAN (3Leaves)
SUB: G*PARK (23five)
Leave/Traces: GRISHA SHAKHNES (Glistening Examples)
Zones Portuaires: ÉRIC LA CASA and CÉDRIC PEYRONNET (Herbal International)
Soap: DAVID PRESCOTT-STEED (Impulsive Habitat)
Luftlöcher. JENNIFER VEILLERBOE  (Senufo Editions)

Older but heard on 2013
Undetected (Untreated Recordings From On-Site Testimonies Archives)
Material Recovery Facility: ERNST KAREL


Tram Vibration: TOSHIYA TSUNODA and HACO. (Liquid Architecture: Sonic City, Melbourne.)
Sound and Light: MICHAEL VORFELD and PHILIP SAMARTZIS (Bogong ELECTRIC, Bogong Alpine Village, Victoria.)
SWANS The Corner Hotel – Melbourne.

Eamon Sprod website



2013: The year in retrospective -RUI ALMEIDA / Mufi.re-

Sound composer

In no particular order:

Simon Whetham – Never so alone (Crónica)
Jacob Kierkegaard – Conversion (Touch)
Atilio Doreste – Dog in the Cave (Green Field Recordings)
Seth Nehil – Lair (Draft)
David Velez – Isolation matter (Impulsive Habitat)
Bjarni Gunnarsson – Processes & Potentials (3leaves)
Luís Antero – O rio / The river Vol.2 (Impulsive Habitat)
Olivia Block – Karren (Sedimental)
Machinefabriek – Measure Tape (Brian Records)
Frédéric Nogray – Amanecer Con Las Oropendolas (Impulsive Habitat)
Jez Riley French – Church Flower Stand # 4 (s/r)
Main – Ablation (Editions Mego)
Edu Comelles – A Country Falling Apart (Audiotalaia)
Phill Niblock – Touch five (Touch)
Stephan Mathieu – Un Cœur Simple (Baskaru)

Rui Almeida website



2013: The year in retrospective -YIORGIS SAKELLARIOU / Mecha Orga-

Sound composer
Works at Echomusic

Hydrostatic. SIMON WHETHAM
Amanecer con las Oropendolas. FREDERIC NOGRAY
Unseen Terror. DAVID VELEZ

Yiorgis Sakellariou website



2013: The year in retrospective -UNA LEE-

Sound composer


Love KUNSU SHIM (Senufo)
Amanecer con las Oropendolas FRÉDÉRIC NOGRAY (Impulsive Habitat)
Sabbion ENRICO CONIGLIO (Green Field Recordings)
Renard ALESSANDRO BOSETTI (Frac Franche-Comté)
Boombana Echoes AKIO SUZUKI / LAWRENCE ENGLISH (Winds Measure)


Sound Devices #1 – #5, Rathmines Library, Dublin, January – May 2013
A monthly experimental concert series with Irish and International soundscape miniatures inspired by literature

Cellule d’Intervention Metamkine at Unlimited 27, Schlachhof, Wels, 10.Nov.2013
Electronics and Live film projection improvisation


The Weight of My Soul Keeps Ringing in My Ears, HELENA HAMILTON, Catalyst Arts Gallery, Belfast, January 2013
Sound installation using 3 Kilograms of salt vibrating on a platform triggered by sound of low frequency versions of the artist’s voice relating the words ‘I am’ layered 65 times

Una Lee website



2013: The year in retrospective -VASCO ALVES-

Sound composer, artist

BUS 1 at Visions Video Bar with Theo Burt, EVOL, Lorenzo Senni, DJ Vodka. A long weekend in the Peak District recording voices / tones / stones with Sybella Perry. Birth of Hideous Porta: the monthly programming with Louie Rice, the new music and new friendships, the Sunday drinking. The opening of Electric Knife record shop in London. Alessandro Bosetti’s warped narratives and Dog Lady Island’s violin at Colour Out of Space. Valerio Tricoli, Spoils & Relics and Seymour Wright, live, every time!

Vasco Alves website



2013: The year in retrospective -LOUIE RICE-

Sound composer, artist


Ennio Morricone – Proibito for 8 trumpets [LCMF]
Lovely Honkey [Hideous Porta]
Spoils and Relics [Everytime]
Tom White [CooS]
Seymour Wright & Nate Wooley [Cafe Oto Project space]


Tetsuya Umeda – Munt0 [Munt]
Phil Julian – York 17/08/2012 [Authorised Version]
Colin Webster – Antennae [Gaffer Records]
Graham Stephenson & Aaron Zarzutzki – Touching [ErstAEU]


Mark Fell installation [Bexhill]
Electric Knife record shop [Kentish Town]
Co-hosting the Hideous Porta concert series [Stoke Newington]



2013: The year in retrospective -AUDRIUS SIMKUNAS / Sala-

Sound composer

The Best Fieldrecording Albums 2013

1. Magnus Bergsson “Holstangi” (Very Quiet Records)
2. Jay-Dea Lopez “The Great Silence” (3 Leaves)
3. Chris Watson “In St Cuthbert’s Time” (Touch)
4. BJ Nilsen “Eye Of The Microphone” cd & download (Touch Records)
5. Darius Ciuta “f1-ed” (Archive Org)
6. Aino Tytti “Hellissandur Mast” (Touch Radio 96)
7. Edu Comelles “A Country Falling Apart” (Audiotalaia)
8. Tristan Louth-Robins “The Path Described” (3 Leaves)

Other musical albums from 2013 worth to listen

Ulver “Messe 1.X-VI.X”
Mohammad “Som Sakrifis”
Rotting Christ “Κατά τον δαίμονα εαυτού”
Phill Niblock “Touch Five”
Lustmord “The Word As Power”
Troum “Mare Morphosis”
Rafael Anton Irisarri “The Unintentional Sea”



2013: The year in retrospective -KOSIS KILYMIS-

Sound composer, artist

 2013 was a long year

some may feel like not much happened, but I for one felt there were a lot of things bubbling creatively during the year, waiting to come to the fore. It was also a time during which I changed my mind so many times over the state of music (experimental or otherwise), I challenged my taste, my conception of sound as a medium, and the purposes and motives behind my involvement with it as an artist, label curator and producer.

it’s also yet another year that begs for more attentive listening on my part. There’s piles of stuff on my floor and in my hard drive, still waiting to be heard.

having said all this, here’s a few things from 2013 that are not too commonly mentioned on the same page with the work more usually discussed in this blog, but that I still feel have some very serious input to offer in the area of acousmatic perception and sound creation (starting with my album of the year):

Fleshpile Sister. DALE CORNISH (Entr’acte)
Material. EMPTYSET (Subtext)
Outer Alsatian. WANDA GROUP (Notown)
Commercial Mouth. JAR MOFF (Pan)

then some more predictable choices:

Luftlöcher. JENNIFER VEILLEROBE (Senufo Editions)
Inconsistent Images. ADAM ASNAN (Entr’acte/Senufo Editions)
Semikolon. LARS-GUNNAR BODIN / BENGT EMIL JOHNSON (Paradigm Discs -reissue)
Pictures of men. PATRICK FARMER / DAVID LACEY (Copy for your records)
Ten Thousand Wooden Faces. AQUA DENTATA (Echo Tango)

discovery of the year:

Visitations. JON GIBSON (Chatham Square Productions)

other party classics:

Som Sakrifis. MOHAMMAD (Pan)
Years Not Living. LARRY GUS (DFA)
Feathers. KU (Inner Ear)
Rollin’. DJ RASHAD (Hyperdub)
Re-engineering. HEATSICK (Pan)
the whole Berceuse Heroique catalogue

& everything else I forgot to put in this list

Kostis Kilymis website


2013: The year in retrospective -CHRISTOPHER M-


A Wonder Working Stone – Alasdair Roberts & Friends (Drag City)
Ab-a-B – Yiorgis Sakellariou & Jos Smolders (Korm plastics)
Anomie – Kristoffer Lo (Gigafon)
Brick Mask – B/B/S (Miasmah)
Cause and Effect – SaffronKeira + Mario Massa (Denovali)
Echo Echo Mirror House – Anthony Braxton (Victo)
Exai – Autechre (Warp)
Fremde Zeit Addendum IV – Jakob Ullmann (Wandelweiser)
Ghil – Okkyung Lee (Ideologic Organ)
Green Heights – Toshimaru Nakamura (Baskaru)
Here (and There) – Jeri-mae G. Astolfi (Innova)
In St. Cuthberts Time – Chris Watson (Touch)
Licht – Shampoo Boy (Blackest Ever Black)
Line the Clouds – Ashley Paul (Rel Records)
Look Right – Lisa Ullen (LJ Records)
Matter – Looper (MonotypeRec)
Megrez – Nite Lite (Desire Path)
Mouna – Betacicadae (Elegua Records)
Niaiw Ot Vile – Dalglish (PAN)
Procession of Talking Mirrors – Urpf Lanze (AudioMER.)
Silencer – Helm (PAN)
Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. I – Rashad Becker (PAN)
Tutuguri – Felipe Otondo (Sargasso)
UHF – Hacker Farm (Exotic Pylon)
Wake Up Awesome – C. Spencer Yeh (Software Records)
Wedding Music – Tom Challenger & Kit Downes (Loop Records)
The Withdrawing Room – Mary Lattimore (Desire Path)
蛙界蒙薰 – Yannick Dauby (ini.itu)



2013: The year in retrospective -PABLO RECHE-

Sound composer

Francisco López – Untitled#308 (Very Quiet Records)
Tarab – Strata (Unfathomless)
David Velez – Isolation Matter (Impulsive Habitat)
Bjami Þór Gunnarsson – Processes & Potentials (3LEAVES )
Dallas Simpson – Sacred Thresholds (Green Field Recordings)
Simon Whetham – Hydrostatic (Auf Abwegen)
Philippe Lamy – Drop Diary (Mystery Sea)
Christopher McFall – Quivering Into Your Blood Night Radio (Impulsive Habitat)
Eric La Casa, Cédric Peyronnet – Zones Portuaires (Herbal International)
Main – Ablation (Editions Mego)

Pablo Reche website



2013: The year in retrospective -BRUNO DUPLANT-

Sound composer


A short list, not in real order, not really in disorder…

Fremde zeit addendum 4 · solo III für Orgel – JAKOB ULLMANN
Traces of wood – POLWECHSEL (Hat Hut)
Accidents of matter or of space – SARAH HUGHES (Suppedaneum)
Pictures of men – PATRICK FARMER & DAVID LACEY (Copy For Your Records)
Karren – OLIVIA BLOCK (Sedimental)
drei, 1-21- STEFAN THUT (Wandelweiser)
Two strings & boxes – SETFAN THUT & JOHNNY CHANG (Flexion Records)
Making A – KEITH ROWE & GRAHAM LAMBKIN (Erstwhile)
The patient – JOSEPH CLAYTON MILLS ( Entr’acte)
This place / is love – ANTOINE BEUGER & MICHAEL PISARO (Erstwhile)
Boring Embroidery – SAMUEL RODGRES & STEPHEN CORNFORD (Cathnor)
The punishment of the tribe by its elders – MICHAEL PISARO (Garvity Waves)
24 petits préludes pour guitare – ANTOINE BEUGER (by Cristián Alvear Montecino) (Wandelweiser)
Radi d’or – FERRAN FAGES (Another Timbre)
Love – KUNSU SHIM (Senufo Editions)
Figures without ground – MIKE BULLOCK (Sedimental)
Yosemite / Duo I & Duo II – EVA-MARIA HOUBEN (Diafani)
O kokkos tis anixis (Grains of springs) – TOSHIYA TSUNODA (Edition.t)
Som sakrifis – MOHAMMAD (Pan)
Less is less – LUCIO CAPECE (Intonema)
Vtoroi – ILIA BELORUKOV & KURT LIEDWART (Mikroton recordings)
Temperament as waveform – LEE PATTERSON & VANESSA ROSSETTO (Another Timbre)
Vile cretin – MIGUEL A GARCIÁ & NICK HOFFMAN (Intonema)
Untitled (for Agnes Martin) – SCOTT ALLISON & BEN OWEN (Senufo Editions & Wind Measure)
Inconsistent images – ADAM ASNAN (Entr’acte)
Inland – ASTOR (Kye)
Solesulsuolo – COTI (Antifrost)
Tracing a boundary – DEVIN DISANTO (Task.)
Unseen terror – DAVID VÉLEZ (Echomusic)

Bruno Duplant discography



2013: The year in retrospective -CHERYL TIPP-

Curator, writer
Editor of The Field Reporter
Works at The British Library

This is not a list of favourites as such. It is more a collection of works that have affected me in different ways over the course of 2013. Some have provided hours of enjoyment, others have generated questions and a few have surprised. All have made an impression.

In the Wake TERJE PAULSEN (Impulsive Habitat)
Brames MARC et OLIVIER NAMBLARD (Ouïe / Dire)
The Great Silence JAY-DEA LOPEZ (3Leaves)
Sombre nay Sated TESSA ELIEFF (Stasisfield)
Sabbion ENRICO COGNILIO (Green Field Recordings)
In St Cuthbert’s Time CHRIS WATSON (Touch)
Circle Wind HIROKI SASAJIMA (Felt Collective)
‘tʃɔːk : eight studies of hearing loss SEBASTIANE HEGARTY (Very Quiet Records)
The Hebrides Suite CATHY LANE (Gruenrekorder)

British Library website