The Field Reporter Radio #8
programmed by John McEnroe

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1. (fragment) Agujero imperfecto. CARLOS VILLENA from
‘Mil aún no es uno” -with VACIO PERFECTO- (Mantricum 2012)
2. (fragment) Iesc. TARAB from ‘Acquiescence’ (Kaon 2012)
3. (fragment) The Psychologically Ultimate Thunderstorm.
IRVING SOLOMON TEIBEL from Environments: Disc 4 (Atlantic 1974)
4. (fragment) Mina. DARIUS CIUTA from ‘Mina’ (Green Field 2012)
5. (fragment) Rana. PETER CAELDRIES from ‘Jhirna Jali’ (Gruenrekorder 2012)
6. (fragment) Frozen moment. JACQUES SODELL from
‘Frozen moments’ (Kaon 2011)
7. (fragment) Array. CHRISTOPHER McFALL from
‘The Alpha is Strong and Amplifying Beta’ (Impulsive Habitat 2011)
8. (fragment) Taurion, trou de lapin. DALE LLOYD from
‘Taurion, trou de lapin’ (Kaon 2012)
9. (fragment) Early morning in Lian Yungang. CHRIS LYNN from
‘The clouds have settled in’ (Just Not Normal 2010)