z.e.l.l.e. – nth

zelleVirtuality is created from a nano environment dependent on materials built by certain molecules. When a simple sine wave is created in a computer, a massive process between virtual and physical-electrical happens. In terms of sound, a computer becomes a pencil over the silent canvas, which is then altered in different ways, suggesting that, at the end what sound really does, is to apparently variate the initial state. After listening to works such as nth by the italian duo z.e.l.l.e. (line), those delicate estates of energy reflected on phantasmagorical and subtle auditory events that transcend barriers between artificial and organic, are really states of that silence. Is precisely the emptiness of listening a valid reason to create sound and you can notice that by listening to just a couple of sonic micro-organisms reproducing themselves along the CD goes over time, doing a portrait of neuronal circuits, a microtonal avenue, cell-like fantasy.