yann novak – idleness, endlessness

de6014-500x500How many possible horizons? Where is the listening but in the vast ocean of its transit? In a temporal dislocation called Idleness, Endlessness, Novak gives the soul a question, going deep inside its cosmic coordinates, submerging the listener into expansive landscapes, filled with an atmosphere that somehow merges earth and sky in a constant audible manifestation of textural drones and acute tonal silhouettes that slowly contract and extend time and rather than just laying around the second, they are present in a direct existencial motif. Two hours of sound, but endless of listening, a journey in which the the listening experience is approached in a state where the object and subject are not distinguished but melt in a serene peregrination that pays tribute to the silence inside the sound, an ineffable yet eloquent nature of time. Full emptiness. (der)

Miguel Isaza M

Listener, speaker.