World Listening Day at Invisible Valley, Colombia


First of all: Happy listening day to all of you! I’ll be celebrating it by doing two events in my city Medellin, Colombia, one today and the other tomorrow. I’ll be doing lectures and concerts with some friends and I’m also celebrating by releasing a new field recording album at Invisible Valley, a project I released for the World Listening Day 2011 with the aim of exploring the soundscape of my hometown.

The album includes some special recordings I’ve collected over the years. I decided to release the material unedited, uncombined, with zero alteration. I just applied some fades and published it. I think there’s an interesting and very important value on releasing field recordings as simple captures, not necessary processing them or combining them in compositions, which is another great way of showcasing sound of course. However, for this release I decided to choose recordings that I find interesting as they are. Each of those captures are for me a kind of natural poetry of the environment, being a way of communicating directly with space and culture but also taking the sonic material into different appreciations and experiences.

What I did was to build a sequence of raw materials aimed to tell the stories which can be open to the attitude and process of the listener, not fixed to an specific topic, but selected because of the qualities for listening. Those sounds are just free actions wanting to give you any kind of experiences, ready to let you explore different extremes of sound, from the abstract malleability to the descriptive context. It’s just a way of representing different approaches and extremes of the sonic manifestation in Medellin, Antioquia – Colombia.

I invite you to listen and celebrate this day by knowing a bit about my city just by listening toits sound!

LISTEN/DOWNLOAD: Invisible Valley 008 – Cuentos

(Also remember that today is the last day to send recordings to our compilation here at Sonic Terrain. I’ve received a lot of interesting recordings so far, from a wide variety of places, so let’s send your material. It will be very appreciated!)