The Story Behind Matthew Herbert’s “One Pig”

Interesting video where Matthew Herbert talks about the making of his fantastic (and controversial) album “One Pig“, which tell the story of the life of one pig, from birth to death. In the video, Matthew talks about each of the tracks, where field recording plays an essential role.

One of the goals of “One Pig,” he said, is to reveal, through music, a reality of everyday life that people often wish to remain hidden.

“The pig is simply the most divisive of all animals,” Mr. Herbert, 39, said in an interview. “You probably come into contact with a pig product 10 or 20 times in one day, from ink jet paper to a glass of milk. And yet they’re the subject of so much scorn and contempt. I think it’s strange that we’ve built a society that’s so dependent on something, and yet we rarely give it a voice of its own.”

New York Times

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