The Misadventures of Charles Maynes

Remember yesterday’s post? We have more cool accident stories today! Our friend Chuck Russom has invited Charles Maynes to write a post on his blog, where he recounts several misadventures and injuries from recording different kinds of sounds. He ends giving very good advice.

“First is dont be a dumbass. None of us are invincible, and some stuff can indeed kill you. As sound recordists, we need to be supremely aware of our surroundings, and be aware of others around us. The second question is – is it worth it to put yourself in danger for?- that should be obviously “NO”, but it is a sort of sliding scale thing for each person- some people are more of a risk taker than others- I will rarely speed for instance, but I will put myself in harms way- sometimes intentionally. That is something I am trying to work through though. One thing it does say though is have gear which can get destroyed- microphones, stands and cables specifically- it will happen, whether it is by being hit by a bullet, or being crushed by a car drop, know that it is not a matter of “If” but “when”. Also- not everything dangerous is clearly so- heat exhaustion in the desert is pretty easy to get hit by- especially in the summer- so always bring lots of water- I know I chuckle everytime I see pictures of myself out in the desert, because my dress seems to never change- no matter what the temperture, I will usually be wearing long pants- boots, a longsleeve pullover and a shemagh to protect my neck from the sun- I wont go so far as to recommend that garb, but I will say that it works for me.”

Chuck Russom’s Blog: Guest Blogger – Charles Maynes